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My name is Natalie, and in this blog, I am going to write about a lot of different energy practices. I plan to write about solar panels, indoor air filtration, wind farms and whatever else strikes my fancy when I'm writing. I want to focus on easy and efficient energy practices, and I hope to explain how those practices can benefit the earth. My interest in energy and the environment started when I was just a teen. I attended a camp where we studied the environment whilst also doing a lot of foraging, hiking and other things that allowed us to engage with nature. From that week onward, I've wanted to change the world and its relationship with energy. I hope this blog is just the start.

Residential Lawn Care Products Every DIY Landscaper Should Own

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The appearance of your residential landscape matters a lot because it creates the first impression of your home in the eyes of visitors. Aside from having good landscaping knowledge and skills, every landscaper needs to have the right supplies in order to create a truly nice-looking landscape.

If you are looking for tools and equipment you can use to take proper care of your home lawn as a do-it-yourselfer, here are a few basic ones you should own.  

Lawn mower 

A good lawn mower must be in the list of essential supplies you need to keep your residential lawn looking great all year through. This is because the grass in your lawn requires a clean, even cut, and lawn mowers are designed to give that kind of cut. There are quite a number of options available when it comes to selecting the best mower for your home lawn, all reliant on how big or small your property is.

A walk-behind mower will suffice if you have a small lawn but for a big lawn, you had better invest in a ride-on mower, as it can save you time and physical effort required to push a walk-behind mower for long hours.

Lawn rake

Normally, you will leave behind large grass clippings on your lawn after you are done mowing it. These clippings will need to be picked up. A lawn rake is a simple but handy tool designed for this specific job. This tool can also help gather leaves that may have fallen on your lawn from adjacent trees, leaving your lawn looking neat once the grass cutting job is complete. You can then clear off the rubbish from your lawn by putting it in a plastic bag.

Personal safety equipment

Due to the constant vibrations that they make when running, motorised equipment like lawn mowers can cause the skin on your hands to wear out fast, e.g. by causing blisters. For that reason, you should make sure you put on safety gloves to protect your bare hands from getting injured.

Also, wear safety goggles to protect yourself from sustaining eye injuries (e.g. caused by flying debris) and ear muffs to safeguard against early hearing impairment (e.g. caused by prolonged exposure to loud sounds produced when your lawn mower is running). In addition, make sure you have a full-length apron to protect your hands and legs from sustaining skin-related injuries.

Water sprinkler      

Last but not least, your lawn will need water to make sure the grass stays green and healthy, especially during hot, dry spells. Get a water sprinkler to help supply your lawn with the supplemental water it needs to grow well and look beautiful throughout the year.

With these essential lawn care supplies, you can be sure of keeping your home lawn looking well-manicured most of the time.


13 May 2016