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My name is Natalie, and in this blog, I am going to write about a lot of different energy practices. I plan to write about solar panels, indoor air filtration, wind farms and whatever else strikes my fancy when I'm writing. I want to focus on easy and efficient energy practices, and I hope to explain how those practices can benefit the earth. My interest in energy and the environment started when I was just a teen. I attended a camp where we studied the environment whilst also doing a lot of foraging, hiking and other things that allowed us to engage with nature. From that week onward, I've wanted to change the world and its relationship with energy. I hope this blog is just the start.

Benefits of Scrap Metal Recycling


Recycling is an important part of environmental conservation since it leads to the sustainable use of resources and eliminates toxic waste in the ecosystem. Usually, when individuals think about waste products, what comes to mind is household material that ranges from plastic to glass bottles. However, metal waste is a major challenge in Australia, especially components like copper and brass. In essence, the problem can be eliminated since numerous recycling plants offer good money in return for these waste materials.

  1. Environmental Conservation – Usually, many people assume that the role of conservation is better left to the authorities and Ecological enthusiasts, but for conservation efforts to bear fruit, it must be a collective responsibility. Even worse, not many people are aware that abandoned cars and other metal components lead to the deterioration of the nature around them. Fortunately, many people in the country have aligned recycling with their personal goals
  2. Source of income – Naturally, not many people view recycling of scrap metal as a source of revenue. However, the industry is a mega-employer since it creates several tier jobs in the sector that include drivers and plant operators among another cadre of workers. Even better, an individual who sells scrap metal can earn a tidy sum for a product that otherwise is considered worthless.
  3. Sustainability ­- Use of resources in an efficient manner is a primary objective in Australia since the resources available are limited. Scrap metal recycling is a major initiative in enhancing prudent utilization of resources. Consequently, individuals should include this into their general psyche to ensure that the quantity of metal elements mined is reduced and sustainability is improved.
  4. Less Clutter – Obviously, clutter is a major issue that many individuals and corporate organizations struggle with on a daily basis. Many products have aluminum, brass, and copper elements, especially electronics. It is not rocket science to realize that we live in a digital world, which means that many products have metal parts. Consequently, recycling of scrap metal provides a win-win scenario for users and manufacturers.

Current trends in society have placed a premium in the recycling of waste material. Scrap metal waste that includes copper, aluminum, and brass proves a major challenge due to the environmental consequences associated with the products. Nonetheless, with proper planning, recycling of metal should be easy and the results obvious to all and sundry.

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15 June 2016