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My name is Natalie, and in this blog, I am going to write about a lot of different energy practices. I plan to write about solar panels, indoor air filtration, wind farms and whatever else strikes my fancy when I'm writing. I want to focus on easy and efficient energy practices, and I hope to explain how those practices can benefit the earth. My interest in energy and the environment started when I was just a teen. I attended a camp where we studied the environment whilst also doing a lot of foraging, hiking and other things that allowed us to engage with nature. From that week onward, I've wanted to change the world and its relationship with energy. I hope this blog is just the start.

Home Renovations and Repairs to Leave to the Pros

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If you are planning on remodeling your home, you might have the idea that you would like to do it as a DIY project. While this is fine for minor repairs like installing a new toilet or painting the walls, there are some renovations you should leave to the professionals. Unless you have professional experience, avoid completing the following types of repairs on your own.

Adding a Room or Level

One of the bigger renovations that you shouldn't try to do yourself is either adding a level to your home to turn it into a two or three-story home, or adding a room. These types of extensions require a lot more work than you might imagine. Not only is there a lot of construction involved, but you need to know how to wire the rooms, possibly add plumbing systems, and make sure the structure of your home is still stable after adding the extension. This is why building offices often require you to have a permit and professional contractor to complete the extension.

Re-Wiring the Electrical System

Some electrical repairs are fine to do on your own if you follow proper instructions, such as installing a new ceiling lamp or outlet in the wall, but completely re-wiring your home is something else entirely. This is not as simply as using the same wires to simply install a new lighting fixture. You are removing old wires and adding new ones, which is complicated and dangerous. To avoid doing more damage than good, it is best that you consult a professional electrician for any re-wiring that needs to be done.

Removing Asbestos

If you have an older home and you suspect it has asbestos, don't complete any home repairs or remodeling without first having someone test it for asbestos. When asbestos is found, hire an asbestos abatement company. They will safely remove the asbestos materials for you and dispose of them properly to keep your family safe and avoid contaminating the environment. Asbestos is highly toxic and can cause lung cancer even with a small amount of exposure, so it is never something you should mess with. For more information, contact Total Asbestos Services or a similar company.

Major Plumbing Repairs

When you have a small plumbing repair like switching out your toilet for a new one or installing a new faucet in your kitchen sink, that should be fine to do on your own. However, major plumbing work should really be left to the professional. For example, remodeling a bathroom where you are moving all plumbing fixtures or cleaning out the main sewer lines instead of just clearing a drain clog require special tools and equipment. Leave these plumbing renovations to the professionals.


29 June 2016