Tips for Growing Kikuyu Grass

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Kikuyu is a type of warm season grass. It has a texture that is course and is ideal for areas where turf grass is required. It is a type of grass that is indigenous from Kenya. Many people desire to grow this type of grass, because it is known to grow at a quick rate and is ideal for growing in warm temperatures. Kikuyu grass is able to withstand droughts, which means that you can save by not needing to water your lawn.

21 December 2015

Four Acoustical Engineering Jobs Graduates Should Consider

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When you go into acoustical engineering, you may be thinking about the straight career path into the industry. In fact, most jobs that you will initially find will be listed as acoustical engineer positions at varying levels. There are several jobs within the field that should be considered as well. Here are four of those jobs and what you should know about each option. Audio Device Engineer One of the positions available to acoustical engineer is a job in audio device engineering.

15 May 2015